Augusta Eagles

Boys Eagles Soccer Interest



This registration is to see what interest within the CSRA Homeschooling Community there is in creating a Boy's Eagles Soccer team, grades 6th thru 12th. Once we have at least 12 players interested in forming a Boy's Eagles Soccer team we will reach out to the families to have an information meeting about creating a team.

For those of you who do not know about Augusta Eagles, Eagle Sports was started with the goal of providing a competitive athletic program for the home-educating families of Greater Augusta, Georgia. 

We know that physical education and team sports will provide a wide variety of valuable teaching opportunities to help us prepare our children for the future. We are also dedicated to providing an atmosphere which actively promotes the development of Christ-like character traits, the encouragement of physical abilities, and the teaching of fundamental athletic skills. Parents throughout Augusta, Georgia share our vision and we have experienced phenomenal growth. We’re looking for like-minded families like yours to join us in our efforts to continue providing this wonderful learning ground for our children.


Please direct questions to:

Robert Whitacre Eagle Sports

Phone: 762-218-4434